COVER REVEAL – In Flesh We Burn by Claris Jade

Title: In Flesh We Burn
Series: Abyss #1
Author: Claris Jade
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance
Cover Design: Acacia Heather, thegraphicsdistrict
Release Date: July 30, 2021

Betrayal hits people at their happiest, and nothing good is ever supposed to last. With my shattered heart and broken body, the biggest enigma of my life finds me.
I knew nothing of what lurked in the dark…until him.
A mafia boss, a ruthless king of the underworld, a dangerous lover, and a depraved soul beyond redemption.
You can never forge someone into something they are not, but he found the fire from within me and set me aflame.
Unknown enemies at my doorstep, and unsolved murders call me to her.
I knew nothing about the sun…until her.
A brilliant forensics scientist, a fearless survivor, a warrior at heart, and a lethal siren luring people under.
You can never fix a broken boy, much less a damaged man’s soul, but she found the sliver of light in me and magnified it.
When the darkest secrets are revealed and the monsters come crawling out at night, they have no choice but to work together and trust each other. Will their tethered hearts survive one another?


$2.99 for a limited time!
Claris lives in Sunshine California with her family while she writes across many genres; dark, mafia, fantasy and more! She is an unapologetic food and forensics science fanatic! She is also a digital artist and student on top of writing! She has been mesmerized by enthralling story telling as a kid and loves crime and fantasy shows and movies!

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